Historical resources on night in Montreal

In this section, we will gather historical documents (reports, maps, news reports) dealing with the history of night in Montreal.

Issue of Le Senteuxa Québec journal jaune (“yellow paper”)  from 1955, with exposé articles on Montreal nightlife.

Victoria Square day and night

Postcards of Victoria Square in Montreal, one in daytime, the other retouched for night. C. 1905-1910.  From the collection of Johanne Sloan.


Discos Montreal two compressed

Map of “Les boîtes à go-go” (dance clubs),  Montreal 1966.  Echos vedettes, 8 octobre 1966, pp. 16-17.  Click on image to enlarge.

Report Vie Nocturne à Montréal (2013).  Tourisme/Montréal.

Discotheque guide Gazette 1970






Montreal Gazette, “Discotheque Guide,” June 6, 1970.

Issue no. 1 of Le Disco, published by the Canadian Record Pool (association of disco music DJs), 1977.

“How Montreal became Disco’s Second City.”  Redbull Music Academy, 2014.



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