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Media and the Night: An International Conference
Colloque international: Les médias et la nuit 

April 29-30 avril 2020
McGill University
Université McGill

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Organized by

Jhessica Reia, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Art History and Communications Studies, McGill University

Will Straw, James McGill Professor of Urban Media Studies, Department of Art History and Communications Studies, McGill University

Over the last decade, the study of the night has emerged as an international, interdisciplinary field of scholarly research. Historians, archaeologists, geographers, urbanists, economists and scholars of culture and literature have analyzed the night time of communities large and small, across a wide range of historical periods. The study of the night has expanded in tandem with new attention to the night on the part of city administrations, organizers of cultural events (like nuits blanches and museum nights) and activists fighting gentrification, systems of control and practices of harassment and exclusion which limit the “right to the night” of various populations.

In this context of this new attention to the night, we invite proposals for an international conference, in English and French, on relationships between media and the night. We are open to papers focussing on old and new media, from any disciplinary perspective, and dealing with any historical period or geographical area. Possible topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • The place of media consumption and circulation within the 24-hour cycle;
  • Formal and stylistic features of media treatments of the night;
  • Media constructions of the transgressive, marginal or identitarian night;
  • Specialized media directed at (or produced by) communities of the night;
  • The role of media forms (or platforms) in tracing itineraries of night-time activity;
  • Media tools to enhance the safety and accessibility of the night;
  • “Intermedial” dimensions of media’s relationship to the night (e.g., electric lighting and photography; late-night television and classic cinema, etc.);
  • The challenge of imagining “night” genres for 24-hour streaming services;
  • Archiving the night;
  • Pre-digital or digital practices of mapping the night;
  • Night, social media and data visualization.
  • Night media and energy infrastructures

Proposals (with title) should be approximately 350 words, in French or English, and submitted by email to by December 30, 2019.

Please note that, while the organizers are unable to cover the travel and accommodation costs of participants, we will not charge a registration fee.


Colloque international « Les médias et la nuit »
29 et 30 avril 2020
Université McGill, Montréal

Sous la direction de :
Jhessica Reia, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Histoire de l’art et communication, Université McGill

Will Straw, James McGill Professor of Urban Media Studies, Histoire de l’art et communication, Université McGill

Au cours de la dernière décennie, la nuit est devenue un objet d’études à part entière autour duquel s’est constitué un domaine international et interdisciplinaire de recherche universitaire. Des historien.nes, des archéologues, des géographes, des urbanistes, des économistes et des spécialistes de la culture et de la littérature ont analysé les activités et les imaginaires nocturnes de grandes et de petites communautés, à travers un large éventail de périodes historiques. Parallèlement au développement de ces études, la nuit fit l’objet d’une nouvelle attention de la part des administrations municipales, des organisateurs d’événements culturels (auxquels on doit par exemple les nuits blanches et les soirées des musées), ainsi que de la part d’activistes luttant contre la gentrification et les dispositifs de contrôle des activités nocturnes, ou encore dénonçant les pratiques de harcèlement et d’exclusion qui limitent le « droit à la nuit » de divers groupes minoritaires.

C’est dans le contexte de cette nouvelle attention portée à la nuit que nous lançons un appel à communications pour un colloque international en français et anglais sur les relations entre les médias et la nuit. Nous sommes ouverts aux propositions portant sur les anciens comme sur les nouveaux médias, à toutes les perspectives disciplinaires, ainsi qu’à toutes les périodes historiques ou zones géographiques. Voici la liste indicative non restrictive des thèmes suggérés :

  • La consommation et la diffusion des médias dans le cycle de 24 heures ;
  • Les caractéristiques formelles et stylistiques des différents traitements médiatiques de la nuit ;
  • Les constructions médiatiques des transgressions, des marginalités ou des identités nocturnes ;
  • Les médias spécialisés destinés aux communautés de la nuit, ou produits par elles ;
  • Le rôle des types de médias (ou des plateformes) dans la traçabilité des itinéraires de l’activité nocturne ;
  • Les outils médiatiques oeuvrant à l’amélioration de la sécurité et de l’accessibilité de la nuit ;
  • Les aspects intermédiaux de la relation média/nuit (par exemple, le lien entre l’éclairage électrique et la photographie, les programmes télévisuels de fin de soirée et le cinéma classique, etc.) ;
  • Les défis de la programmation « nocturne » pour les services de streaming 24 h/24 ;
  • Archiver la nuit ;
  • Les pratiques pré-numériques ou numériques de cartographie de la nuit ;
  • La nuit, les médias sociaux et la visualisation des données.
  • Les médias nocturnes et les infrastructures énergétiques

Les propositions d’environ 350 mots (plus le titre), en français ou en anglais, doivent être envoyées par courrier électronique à avant le 30 décembre 2019. Le colloque est gratuit et ouvert au public.

newcities Big Picture blog on Cities at Night

Cities at Night Big Picture



Nacht 2019


Call for submissions:  Urban Audio-Visual Festival, Lisbon, May, 2020
Theme:  City + Night

Lisbon festival

Géographies de la nuit / Geographies of the night / Geografie della notte

A special issue of the

Bollettino della Società Geografica italiana
Series 14 Vol 1 No 2 (2018)

Edited by Luc Gwiazdzinski, Marco Maggioli, Will Straw


Light, Night and Urban Sustainability:
A Symposium

McGill University, April 9, 2019



Book: Nocturnes: Popular Music and the Night

Nocturnes book

Noches Fieras:  Conference on night culture in Mexico City

Night culture in Chopo Mexico City

Cultures de la Nuit: Quels enjeux et quels défis.


New book, available for free download.

Light Pollution


Bogota conference

Urban Pamphleteer.PNG

Global Outcomes


Socialter COVER_Sommaire_SO29_-_v2



Nordic Night Mayor Summit 2018

Nordig Night Mayor Summit

New book

Nuits et montagnes/Nights and mountains

Special issue of the Journal of Alpine Research/
Revue de géographie alpine.

Nuits et montagnes

Night Shifter

Night Shifter

Published by  TLTRPreß

Catalysed by conversations with night-shift workers in London and Milton Keynes, this collection brings together neuroscientists, anthropologists, authors, cab-drivers, and artists to reflect on the conditions of nocturnal labour. Through each contribution, the night shift is interpreted as a displaced, ambivalent space — of disciplined protocol, of calm meditation, of queer autonomy, of hedonistic resistance, or of exhaustion beyond words.

Night Shifter features contributions from Phanuel Antwi, Ayesha Hameed, Chris James-Harvey, William Kherbek, Sophie Lapalu, Barney Lewer, Jeff Perkins, Jason Pine, Kate Porcheret, Georgina Voss, and Vlad Vyazovskiy

Edited by Martin Kohout and Dan Meththananda
Designed by Jan Horčík

ISBN: 978-3-9-819640-1-1

Nouveau livre sur la nuit:  

New book:  The Nocturnal City by Robert Shaw

Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) 2018 Conference: in Snowbird, Utah, United States:  November 12-14 Follow link for details

Three new reports on museum late-nights from Culture24

A Culture of Lates

Conference on the urban night, 7-8 June 2018 in Sofia

International conference on the urban night: Governance, Diversity, Mobility           

7-8 June 2018, hosted by Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria                                                          

Organised by

Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Department of Transport Economics, UNWE
Research Centre for Social Studies, Sofia University

The night-time city has been the subject of both romanticising and commodification. Efforts to politicise, monetise, police and reclaim it have been intensifying in many cities worldwide. From quantifying the value of a night-time economy to campaigning for night-time public transport, various urban actors have sought to shape how the night is governed, and to what ends.

This conference seeks to bring together geographically diverse contributions on the urban night, from academia and beyond. Our aim is to provide a space for critical debate across a range of perspectives on urban night governance; to identify opportunities for international collaboration; and to promote engaged academic research. In particular, the event seeks to generate dialogue between diverse disciplines and/or research topics, identifying connections across aspects of the night-time, from transport to culture and from gender to tourism.

Contributions can take the form of either 15-minute conference papers or posters, although we are also open to discussing other formats.

The topics include, but are not limited to:

– Governance and contestation of the urban night;
– Night-time transport, including public transport at night; delivery services and logistics; ride-hailing;
– Night-time work;
– Safety and diversity n in the night-time city: income, age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, (dis)ability;
– Tourism, leisure and culture;
– Illumination, sound and design.

A keynote lecture will be given by Prof Dr Ger Duijzings (University of Regensburg), with further keynote speakers to be announced shortly. The event will also include a workshop for civil society representatives to serve as a platform for future collaboration.

To take part in this event, please submit an abstract of 300 words no later than Wednesday, 31 January, 2018. Abstracts can be submitted by email to Dr Anna Plyushteva,

Please specify if your contribution is intended as 15-minute presentation, poster, or another format.

The language of the conference is English.
The 25 euro registration fee covers lunch and refreshments on both days, as well as an optional excursion on Saturday 9 June. A limited number of bursaries will be offered to local and international presenters including a registration fee waiver and a small contribution towards participation costs. Please mention if you would like to be considered for a bursary when submitting an abstract.

Culture et conflits covere

Cultures & Conflicts, Special issue, “Politiques de la nuit”.

Scapegoat:  Architecture/Landscape/Political Economy

Special issue on Night.   

Scapegoat cover

Scapegoat no. 10:  Night.  Co-edited by Christie Pearson and Will Straw

Now available online.

New book by historian Gabriela Pulido Llano examines Mexico City nightlife in the 1940s


New report on night time economies in UK


Now published:  Articulo:  Journal of Urban Research

no. 11:  “Urban Night.”  Co-edited by Luc Gwiazdzinski and Nicholas Chausson


Intermédialités, no. 26:  habiter (la nuit/Inhabiting (the night)




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