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World: Nightclub and their prejudices

 How Night Club Bouncers Police the Social Order — From Berlin to Johannesburg


Moscow-Pullman, US: Editorial on light nuisance

Our View: In the city, street lamps aren’t mere night lights

New Orleans, US: Responses to proposed 3:00 am bar closing

New Orleans’ late-night bar proposal a Band-Aid for a ‘gushing artery,’ LSU criminologist says

Victoria: Australia: City is one of smallest to host “White Night/Nuit Blanche”

White Night festival comes to regional Victoria

India: Women protest night-time harassment in multiple cities

#IWillGoOut: Women In 30 Towns And Cities Demand Safe Public Space

Light at night may disrupt sleep and health

Some research suggests nighttime use of blue-light emitting computer, tablet and phone screens might disrupt sleep.

Source: Light at night may disrupt sleep and health

California: Homeless buy day passes to parcs, beaches, but problem of night remains

Californian homeless have surf and sand, but then nighttime comes