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Toulouse, France: “Right to sleep”lists biggest noise offenders

Tapage nocturne, nuisances… «Droit au sommeil» dresse le Top 15 des sites bruyants


Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Luring residents means cutting night noise

Fort Lauderdale’s balancing act: Loud venues vs. new residents who want to sleep

Kochi, India: Police surveillance of dj parties aimed at curbing drug use

In the mood for a dance? be wary of cops’ roving eyes

Derry, Northern Ireland: Taxi issues hurting night-time economy

People’s views on Derry’s taxi issues

Wakefield, UK: Police warn about holiday excesses

Crackdown on drugs and drink disorder

US: NASA claims holiday lights 20-50% brighter


Christmas lights shine so bright they can be seen from space

India: Blank Noise collective fights night-time harassment

 Indian women fight for right to walk alone at night without fear