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Chennai, India: City goes 24-hours

Is Chennai ready to explore the night?


Exeter, UK: Scientists say light pollution changing weather patterns

Light pollution is causing spring to arrive a WEEK early: Scientists warn street lamps are changing the seasons

Santa Cruz, California: Homeless groups resist night-time parking ban

RV Nighttime Parking, “Littering”, Street Vendors Again on Chopping Block Today at Council

Cali, Colombia: City looks to Asunción for 24-hour city models

Bares, entretenimientos y negocios 24 horas: en Cali quieren “copiar” a Asunción

Evreux, France: Latest municipality to adopt night-time charter

Evreux se dote d’une charte de qualité de la vie nocturne

Cali, Colombia: Is it ready to be a 24-hour city?

¿Está preparada Cali para estar despierta 24 horas?, se prende el debate

Marseillan-ville, France: night market debuts

Première édition du marché nocturne du Marseillan-ville le jeudi 30 juin 2016