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London, UK: Author of Nightwalking reflects on the nocturnal city

Matthew Beaumont: ‘I loved the nocturnal city’s effect on one’s very bloodstream’


Limerick, Ireland: ‘Purple Flag’ for night-life among city’s goals


Calls to give Limerick’s Nicholas Street ‘cultural role’

Ahmedabad, India: Night shelter system in crisis

Six night shelters shut in Ahmedabad, others in deplorable condition

United Arab Emirats: Call for limits to night-time noise pollution

Time to enforce noise guidelines

Londrina, Brazil: 200 people demonstrate against night-time insecurity for women and rape culture

Protesto contra cultura do estupro reúne 200 pessoas em Londrina

Albi, France: Nuit Pastel honours twinning with Gérone

Gérone à l’honneur de la prochaine nocturne culturelle

Jaicós and Batalha, Brazil: Cultural night circuit joins two Brazilian cities

3ª Noite Circuito Cultura Viva em Santa Cruz,