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Brionne, France: City joins other French cities in reducing electricity bill

L’extinction nocturne de l’eclairage public, c’est pour bientôt

The regular visit of the technician to do manual reading of your electricity meter in France will soon be a thing of the past, as will estimated electricity meter readings.

In a programme that is scheduled to be completed by 2021, the French electricity distribution agency Enedis has commenced the installation of ‘Linky’ smart meters in all homes in France with the help of electricians in the area.

The programme is being carried out as part of a wider European based initiative on the use of intelligent meters and follows substantial trials on the new system carried out in parts of France.

Once installed, your electricity meter will be read remotely to your supplier, and your bill for each accounting period will be based on actual consumption.

The meters also come with real-time displays, which in theory should allow consumers to monitor electricity consumption.

However, Enedis have not been obliged to install the meters where they can be easily read by the household inside the property, so for those who have a meter outside of the property that benefit will not be available for everyone, although it will be possible to consult consumption on a dedicated website.

Even where the meter can be read it will only show consumption in kilowatts-hours (Kwh), not the actual cost.

The change has been made obligatory on all households and the meters will be installed free of charge to the consumer.

For those who are also using renewable energy in their property, where the use of two meters is generally necessary a single Linky meter will replace the existing meters.

The new meters will also allow other operations to be carried out remotely, such as closing and opening of accounts..

Details of the broad programme of installation can be found at Le compteur Linky chez vous, from where you can also contact Enedis about the actual date of installation on your property.

Notice of the proposed installation will be given to you by letter from Enedis 30 to 45 days in advance of the work.

The new meter will be installed in the same location as the existing meter and will take approximately 30 minutes.


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