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Gournay-en-Bray, France: Another city turning lights off at night

Gournay-en-Bray : la Ville éteint l’éclairage public entre 1 h et 5 h du matin


Moscow, Russia: Graffiti underground works at night

Moscow Fights Civil Disobedience With a Spray Can


Chennai, India: Night-time safety for women is poor

More needs to be done, say residents and activists

Plano, Texas: Youth continue to be banned from public spaces after 11pm

Plano juvenile curfew stays the same

Sydney, Australia: Ongoing controversy over nightlife

A sanitised city locks us out from more than just nightclubs

Cruz del Sur, Peru: Night-time rodeo

Nueva Jineteada nocturna en Cruz del Sur

Sydney, Australia: Demonstration against night-time lock-out policies

Thousands protest against lockout laws in Keep Sydney Open rally