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Austin, Texas: 19th Century Tower Lighting and Public Security

The Murder Mystery Legend Behind Austin’s Iconic Moonlight Towers


Montreal, Canada: Overview of noise conflicts in Plateau Neighbourhood district

Oh, the noise! Plateau’s nightlife at stake as residents complain about live music venues

Americas: Night-life specialist Andreina Seijas

She likes the nightlife

Newcastle, UK: efficiency of late-night levy scheme questioned

Newcastle Late Night Levy under fire as anti-social behaviour and violent crime on the up

North America: Birds and the night-time city

Do birds stay in the downtown area of most cities at nighttime, or do they move to the outskirts (or beyond) to roost?

Lisbon, Portugal: Conference on nighttime and health issues

Club Health 2015 will be held in Lisbon, Portugal – a vibrant and exciting international nightlife destination