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Global: Which cities are brighter at night?

American cities are many times brighter than German counterparts, study shows


Earth: December 21st is longest night in the history of the planet

Tonight will be the longest night in the history of Earth

Montreal, Canada: Evening commerce now allowed in Plateau district on weekends

Les commerces du Plateau pourront fermer à 20 h les week-ends

Montreal: Bande-annonnce du film Nuits, réalisé par Diane Poitras

Trailer for the film “Nuits” by Diane Poitras

New York City: Thierry Cohen’s “Darkened City” photographs

What Our Skies Would Look Like Without City Lights

Montreal, Quebec: Bar noise crisis leads to call for Chartre de la vie nocturne

Cri du cœur du Divan orange: pour une Charte de la vie nocturne?

United States: Unsilent Nights and Boombox Choirs

Unsilent Night: the boombox choir sweeping America