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Safety and the Night: The Right to Walk Alone

The right to walk alone without fear | openDemocracy.


Montreal, Quebec: Music venue Le Divan Orange at centre of conflict over night-time noise

Le Divan orange menacé par des plaintes répétées pour bruit excessif

Twin Cities, U.S.: Shifting policies regarding Black Friday all-night shopping

Regional malls tweak all-night hours ahead of Black Friday

Sao Paulo, Brazil: Download of Manifesto da Noite/Night Manfesto

Manifesto da Noite/Night Manifesto

Istanbul Bienali: Clio Capeille proposes new uses for the night

Incomplete Manifesto for Night

Sao Paulo, Brazil: launch of Manifesto da noite

Manifesto da noite (Vimeo film)

Montreal: Diane Poitras’ new documentary film Nuits premieres.

Première mondiale:  Nuits de Diane Poitras