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Mexico City: Map of night-time economy networks

Distritos y redes en la economía nocturna en la Ciudad de México


Lucknow, India: Noise levels on Diwali Night

Hazratganj was noisiest on Diwali this year, says study

Halifax, Canada: Nocturne Art at Night Festival

Nocturne ignites the night and our imagination

World: Bio-Luminescent Trees lighting cities

Updates On Bio-Luminescent Trees And Glowing Plants Show Not Streets, But Cities Lit Up At Night! [Videos]

U.S.: Which cities stay up latest?

This Map Shows Which Towns And Cities Across The US Stay Up The Latest At Night

Paris, France: Conflicts between citizens and bar-owners heating up

Paris : jusqu’au bout de l’ennui

Portland, Oregon: LED lighting to save money, reduce light pollution

Rose City’s bright idea