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The Visual Culture of Night: How artists represent fireworks displays

 Picturing Pyrotechnics


Geneva: Restitution de la traversée nocturne de Genève

Final report:  Genève explore sa nuit

France: Geographer Luc Gwiazdzinski on the experience of night

Exister la nuit. Petit éloge des corps à corps urbains, Luc Gwiadzinski

Montreal: Will Straw’s Montreal Gazette article on the bar closing ruling

Opinion: Montreal should hold a summit on the city’s nightlife.

Grenoble, France: Proposal for night-time transportation network

Projet réseau de transport de nuit à Grenoble, Master Innovation et territoire, Metro, SMTC

Montreal: Plan to keep bars open late quashed by liquor board

Plan to keep bars open late quashed by liquor board.

Oklahoma: Lack of night-time transport punishes workers

Night Riders